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26 July 2008 @ 02:08 pm
Drabble-age: Flawless (1106 words, Sanada/Niou + Yagyuu)  
Author: Ociwen
Title: Flawless
Wordcount: 1106
Rating: R
Warnings: Squat toilets.
Disclaimer: The Prince of Tennis is owned by Konomi Takeshi. No profit is made from this piece of fan fiction.
Summary: Switching + Sanada = NOTP.
Author's Notes: For pixxers and ensein, who have the best ideas.

Yagyuu fixes his hair. He licks his fingers and rolls a lock. It falls into place, perfect against his forehead. The wax is stiff and smells like fruit. His scalp crawls.

Niou says, "Make sure to avoid that asshole. He's pissed at me for skiving laps."

Yagyuu cocks his head. He smirks. In a long drawl, he says, "Eh…?"

Niou frowns. He touches the nosepiece of his glasses. "Just…try to avoid that ass, okay?"

Yagyuu snickers. His entire body is lightheaded with the feeling. He hasn't laughed like this in ages. Niou's little scowl only thrills him more. Yagyuu grins. Niou purses his lips.

School has just started. Summer holiday is over, but it's easy to get away with this for one day. Yagyuu has done this before and he'll do it again. It's a bit like wearing an old, comfortable pair of socks—except an old, comfortable pair that belong to someone else.

Yagyuu pushes his socks down. He winks in the mirror. The dot of makeup on his chin dimples, perfect against his skin.


Yagyuu Hiroshi has a prefect's meeting after school, but Niou Masaharu does not.

No one noticed at lunch when Niou came back first, then Yagyuu. Yagyuu sprawled on a bench outside. Niou sat upright. He picked ants off his white shoes and looked as constipated as Sanada.

Yagyuu flicked bits of Marui's onigiri onto Sanada's pant leg. Niou cleared his throat. "Niou-kun!" Sanada scowled. He looked at Yagyuu with an odd expression. But there was nothing more.

Marui didn't notice during afternoon class.

No fun! Yagyuu thinks. The voice in his head sounds like Niou. Yagyuu stuffs his hands in his pockets. The two pages of Literature homework for Niou are finished. And Yagyuu watches Niou duck into the empty classroom along with the other prefects.

Perfect deal.

Perfect execution.

Yagyuu skips along. His sneakers squeak on the linoleum. He grinds his toes in and grins.

Another flawless illusion by—


Yagyuu turns. Sanada isn't wearing his cap and his jaw is tense. Yagyuu blinks. Then he curls his lips into a smile. Niou has a repertoire of phrases and words that mean nothing. Yagyuu picks one. It rolls off the tip of his tongue. Piyo. Puri. The snappy little sounds are beautiful in the muggy heat.

Sanada says, "Niou." His voice is rough.

Yagyuu says, "What?" His voice is irritated.

Sanada's forehead knits into tiny lines. His hair is sweaty and strands cling to his brow. They are glued by the sweat and his scowl.

"Don't you have a meeting with Yaaagyuu?" Yagyuu asks. His name is a drawl. Yagyuu can't get enough of Niou's voice. He whispers it over and over in his mind. Sanada mumbles it once more aloud.

"Stop that," Sanada says. His school sneakers squeak on the linoleum panels. His hand is hot and tight around Yagyuu's wrist. Yagyuu stiffens. Sanada pulls him—hard—until the boys' bathroom on the third floor.

It smells like a barn. The floor is splattered with shining wet puddles. A tap drips in the silence. Yagyuu holds his breath. Sanada breathes hard. A stagnant breeze creeps in through the open window. The frosted glass hides the school campus below.

Niou said to avoid Sanada. Yagyuu cannot avoid Sanada's mouth on his. Yagyuu freezes. His body doesn't move. Sanada is in his face. Sanada's mouth is slimy and hot on his. Yagyuu's jaw drops. His heart stops beating.

The only thing Yagyuu's mind can process is the sound of the pigeons fluttering outside the bathroom window. His mind shuts down entirely when Sanada moans. "Niou…."

His entire body is leaden. Yagyuu's eyes are the size of saucers. A contact falls out. Or, it could be his vision swimming. Sanada licks his neck. Yagyuu's jaw hits the floor. It makes a cracking sound. The door of a bathroom stall makes another cracking sound when Sanada pushes Yagyuu inside.

Sanada puts his hand down Yagyuu's pants. Yagyuu's eyes pop out. "Sanada-kun!" The mouth on his muffles Yagyuu's voice. Sanada's hand is sweaty and meaty on his belly. Yagyuu shudders. His leg twitches. Sanada's erection pokes his thigh. Yagyuu shudders again.

He cannot process Sanada's hand yanking on his dick. He cannot process Sanada muttering, "I've been waiting all day…" He cannot process Sanada's grunts and little mewls. Sanada rubs on Yagyuu's leg. Sanada's dick is hard and dark and pulsing. He comes all over Niou's pants.

Yagyuu trips on the edge of the squat. He steps into the water. His shoe is wet. It makes a squidgy sound, just like Sanada sucking on his ear. Sanada doesn't pay attention to Yagyuu's dripping foot. He nuzzles Yagyuu's jaw. He kisses Yagyuu's mouth. He kisses Yagyuu's chin and then Sanada steps back.

His face recoils in horror. It probably looks the same as Yagyuu's, except that there is a smear of dark makeup on Sanada's lips. It is the remnants of Niou's mole.

Sanada trips into the squat toilet too. He splashes water onto Niou's pants. Yagyuu shakes. His heart pounds in his chest. Sanada's dick hangs out of his pants. Behind the door, someone rushes in. Their shoes squeak on the slippery linoleum flooring.

"Sanada?" Niou calls.

Sanada's glazed eyes focus in on Yagyuu. His pupils are huge. Yagyuu creeps into the corner of the bathroom stall. He cannot get far away enough from Sanada in here.

The stall door swings open.

Niou looks from Sanada, to Yagyuu. He looks at Sanada's limp dick, and he looks at the smear on Yagyuu's leg. Niou's face turns bright red. Yagyuu's glasses slip down his nose. They bounce off the rim of the squat toilet with a hollow clatter.

"Aw, shit," Niou whispers.

Their execution was a little too perfect this time.

When Yagyuu manages to compose himself and walk past Niou without tripping over the toilet, he says, "I don't want to know."

Niou opens his mouth. His dark hair curls up at the edges. A cowlick strand moves at the back. Sanada hasn't moved in ten minutes. He stares at the floor with a blank expression and his massive black pupils.

"I don't want to know," Yagyuu says again. He touches Niou on the chin. Niou winces. Yagyuu drags his thumb across Niou's chin. The mole shows through the smeared makeup.

Yagyuu closes the stall door.

As he leaves the bathroom, the reflection in the mirror—bleached hair and a smeared black line over his chin, swollen lips and a purple hickey on the right side of his neck—winks at him.

Yagyuu closes the bathroom door behind himself and he scowls.

Maye: niouhystmayezinha on July 26th, 2008 05:52 am (UTC)
I'm afraid Yagyuu will need some therapy. Or group therapy >:D

I saw your squat toilet warning a bit late. ^^ But I'm used to your bathroom scenarios.

This is an example of why shouldn't be any limitations with D1. :P

Thanks for the sharing!
I, Ociwen: 2882reposoir on August 2nd, 2008 12:22 pm (UTC)
The squat toilet is based on real life experience. :/

(You know me + bathrooms in fic = OTP...;)

Thank you, Maye! &hearts
Dustin Scott (戦士): Nioubloodstaindnght on July 26th, 2008 09:53 am (UTC)
Ohh, that was wonderfully painful. Poor Sanada, and sorta poor Yagyuu. But I loved it. I don't envy Niou having to clean up that little mess. :)
I, Ociwen: ph34rreposoir on August 2nd, 2008 12:22 pm (UTC)
Eheh. Niou doesn't envy Niou for cleaning that up either! ;)

Thank you so much! ^-^
Ara: Simply Gorgeousplatinumpair on July 26th, 2008 11:41 am (UTC)
Poor Yagyuu he's probably scarred for life now. Just the wrong place at the wrong time.

I adored every little bit of it.

I, Ociwen: seeing double [yagyuu/yagyuu]reposoir on August 2nd, 2008 12:23 pm (UTC)
That'll teach them to keep switching, ne? ;D

Thank you so much!
ensein on July 26th, 2008 12:45 pm (UTC)
Pix is a genius. And so are you. I will never ever get enough of gritty, dirty, rushed SanaNiou, even if only implied. Why am I such a sucker for nasty toilet stalls?..

I love that Niou's mortified. I half-expected him to try and turn it into a joke. And honestly, I don't know who I should feel more sorry for, Sanada or Yagyuu. :D (*snort* Or Kirihara.)

All that's left now is a threesome.

I, Ociwen: doubles one :Preposoir on August 2nd, 2008 12:25 pm (UTC)
There is a je ne sais quoi about dirty toilet stalls that clearly appeals to us both. &hearts and thank you so much!

Unfortunately, Niou (and me too) can think of no way to escape the mortification of this scenario. Poor boo. He didn't even get an orgasm out of it, either! :/

That threesome would break my brain
the pirate's purple boner wifedoingfirst on July 27th, 2008 12:25 pm (UTC)


my life feels complete right now. I mean, Sanada came all over Yagyuu.

Allison. You are my hero. ♥♥♥
I, Ociwen: nekobusreposoir on August 2nd, 2008 12:26 pm (UTC)
Sanada should come all over others more often, ne? ;D

Thank you so much, Sally!

All that's left to complete my life is to turn Sanada into a toad...
doovlynsidhedoovlynsidhe on July 28th, 2008 01:58 am (UTC)
I come back from hiatus and THIS is waiting for me. Oh. My. God.

I laughed so hard through this, I am such a bastard. The toilets, and the gross feet, and Sanada coming all over Yaaaagggyuuuu. Beautiful. However, this makes me crave Sanada/Niou more. I'm going to have to go back and read that other story of yours to satiate my need for this pairing! :-)
I, Ociwen: 2882reposoir on August 2nd, 2008 12:28 pm (UTC)

Thank you so very much! I'm so glad that you enjoyed this fic when you came back! (Gross feet + toilets = OTP...;)

The world needs more Niou/Sanada. Or Yagyuu/Sanada. Or...you know...;)
Bethany [綺綺]: Sanada!Niou PURI~ ♥aoiyuzu on July 28th, 2008 05:37 am (UTC)
Hahahahahahahahah oh Sanada.... I can only imagine the look on both their faces. XDD Priceless. I think Yagyuu needs a nice long session with a therapist now.

When Sanada smeared the mole, I couldn't stop laughing. XDD;;;;
I, Ociwen: 2882reposoir on August 2nd, 2008 12:29 pm (UTC)
Japan does not use therapists, so Yagyuu will probably go play golf instead. And ask Kirihara to scrub his brain with bleach.

Smeared moles are shekushiii!

(Thank you! :)
land of godless sodomites: sanacrabpixxers on August 14th, 2008 12:36 pm (UTC)
*dies* I can't believe I missed this. It was even better than I imagined. XD Sanada stole the show, as always.

I, Ociwen: sanada sosareposoir on August 27th, 2008 09:40 pm (UTC)
Thank you, Pix!

Sanada has a habit of stealing the show, what with his fairy dust, et al.